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  Staff   Reason   Date   Duration
hacked Mon 27th Nov Permanent
Party Invite Spam [][http:/... Thu 23rd Nov Sun 26th Nov
Island Killing Mon 20th Nov Tue 21st Nov
Constant Party Invite Spam [ Sat 18th Nov Sun 19th Nov
ticket abuse. "Ban his a** you cheap Fbomb staff... Tue 14th Nov Wed 15th Nov
Constant Party Invite Spam [ Sun 12th Nov Sun 12th Nov
ban appeal Wed 11th Oct Mon 16th Oct
toxic Sat 7th Oct Permanent
just kidding. you set home, but playing around f... Sat 30th Sep Permanent
mis-use of ticket & Staff Dis Sat 19th Aug Sat 19th Aug
  Staff   Reason   Date   Duration
per nika Thu 2nd Nov Permanent
Player disrepect Wed 1st Nov Thu 2nd Nov
Player Disrespect Wed 1st Nov Wed 1st Nov
constant bypass and player disrespect Tue 31st Oct Tue 31st Oct
Filter bypass Tue 31st Oct Tue 31st Oct
Suicide Encouragment [] Sun 29th Oct Sun 29th Oct
Inappropriate Content Sat 28th Oct Sat 28th Oct
ignoring me Sat 28th Oct Permanent
Suicide Encouragement [ Thu 26th Oct Thu 26th Oct
Promoting Suicide / Filter Bypass Wed 25th Oct Wed 25th Oct
  Staff   Reason   Date
command spam Sat 11th Nov
Party Invite Spam Wed 8th Nov
PM Spam Fri 29th Sep
re-entering spawn Sun 10th Sep
Refusal To Relog Sun 10th Sep
Glitched (not a punishment) Tue 5th Sep
Out of Map Tue 5th Sep
None provided. Fri 1st Sep
glitch abuse Mon 15th May
Party Invite Spam Fri 14th Apr
  Staff   Reason   Date
4v1 Sun 12th Nov
/party spam Sat 11th Nov
Command Spamming [Forum Report] Thu 2nd Nov
Filter bypass Tue 31st Oct
Hackusating Tue 31st Oct
Hackusating Tue 31st Oct
Spamming Chat Sun 29th Oct
Player Disrespect/Toxicity Sun 29th Oct
Bypass Sun 29th Oct
Hackusate Sat 28th Oct