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  Staff   Reason   Date   Duration
shortie 20th May 2019 20th May 2019
Abuse of report 25th Apr 2019 27th Apr 2019
Abuse of Report 21st Apr 2019 22nd Apr 2019
byp ass 16th Apr 2019 16th Apr 2019
False Ticket 1st Apr 2019 1st Apr 2019
inappropriate use of /ticket 6th Jan 2019 7th Jan 2019
Abuse of Report(warned multiple times) 15th Dec 2018 15th Dec 2018
come back when you're nicer 25th Nov 2018 25th Nov 2018
Misuse of /sos 8th Sep 2018 8th Sep 2018
spawn pvp 3rd Sep 2018 3rd Sep 2018
  Staff   Reason   Date
logging me off 5th May 2019
escaping wz 26th Nov 2018
Spawn pvp 2nd Aug 2018
Spawn PvP 30th Jul 2018
glitching into spawn 30th Jul 2018
Spawn PvP 30th Jul 2018
Glitching into spawn 23rd Jul 2018
spawn glitching 16th Jun 2018
PvPing in spawn 2nd Nov 2017
Spawn PvP 25th Oct 2017
  Staff   Reason   Date
Bypass 4th May 2019
Filter bypass 23rd Apr 2019
Bypass 19th Apr 2019
Bypass 16th Apr 2019
Misuse of /ticket 14th Apr 2019
Bypass 14th Apr 2019
bypass 13th Apr 2019
Filter Bypass 4th Apr 2019
False Ticket 1st Apr 2019
Bypass 1st Apr 2019