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  Staff   Reason   Date   Duration
Command Spam 3rd Feb 2019 3rd Feb 2019
Use of Macros 13th Jan 2019 14th Jan 2019
Tp Trapping 3rd Dec 2017 10th Dec 2017
Account Compromise 14th Nov 2017 18th Nov 2017
Account comprimise requested by owner of this ac... 9th Nov 2017 9th Nov 2017
Advertising http://prnt.sc/eclkly 24th Feb 2017 Permanent
Advertising [http://prnt.sc/eclkly] 24th Feb 2017 25th Feb 2017
Cheating! 28th Jan 2017 Permanent
  Staff   Reason   Date
asked for it 9th Oct 2018
Account Comprimise [Requested] 9th Nov 2017
None provided. 7th May 2017
  Staff   Reason   Date
bypass 18th Feb 2019
bypass smh 26th Jan 2019
bypass 22nd Jan 2019
character spam 20th Jan 2019
bypass 20th Jan 2019
bypass 19th Jan 2019
bypass 16th Jan 2019
bypass 16th Jan 2019
bypass 15th Jan 2019
spam 13th Jan 2019